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Scotch & co’s label operations are now Contraband.

Contraband focuses solely on record label operations, with two labels: the self-titled main label Contraband, and JYT’s private label HYPERTRASH. Label operations are run by creative director Otto Sarvamaa (JYT). Scotch & co continues to work with commercial projects and consulting, headed by Antti Uusi-Videnoja (MAFFI).

This change allows us to better serve our artists: we’re able to fully commit our resources into creating more intriguing releases, upholding the same quality standards we’ve had since our original launch in 2014. With Contraband, we’re more invested in creating unique concepts around our releases, both musically and visually. Scotch & co can also better serve its clients, bringing out new products and services tailored to create unforgettable experiences.

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