His Serene Highness
Chip Merlot

The Conductor of Greatness

Chip Merlot’s interest in performing arts started at a young age. Having found a passion for drumming at the age of thirteen, he quickly mastered his craft and went on to try his luck with bass. Though he never joined a traditional band, he always enjoyed the booming sounds of both instruments, laying the foundation for his love of big beats and booming basslines.

Chip linked up with Sano in high school, quickly becoming great friends through their mutual love of house music. Sano introduced Chip to the art of producing and deejaying. Soon the young guns started new endeavours side by side, cracking their own sound on both sides of the booth: in the studio and behind the decks.

While honing their craft and experimenting with their sound, the duo was signed by MAFFI and JYT to Scotch & co. The move boosted the whole roster’s production and live experience, and also shifted Chip’s focus to mastering the wheels of steel as a DJ while continuing to learn the tools of the trade as a producer.

Though the man has yet to release a solo track carrying only his name, he is often seen working on projects with THRILLV, JYT and Sano. According to the man himself, the soon-to-be-announced super group Kølme will also be heavily influenced by Chip’s expert sound design and ear for intricate details. Compared to a classic record producer, His Serene Highness envisions himself more as a conductor: he enjoys arranging string compositions, programming elaborate drum sequences and “almost too cheesy” synth sounds that convey passion and raw sounds. Chip believes that his unorthodox way of seeing – and producing – tracks is his biggest strength in helping his partners in the studio.

Chip Merlot now focuses on Kølme and THRILLV while keeping busy with all things creative. Loyal to his signature mysteriousness, he says he’s channelling the greatness of Sebastian Ingrosso and Kanye West to find his voice in both visual and sonic storytelling – not excluding the possibility of his own debut single. That is, after all, what he is all about: conducting greatness.