Cold Cuts
Frank Sirloin


Although he might be a fresh face in music, Francis van der Berg has been around. Having worked half his life as a butcher, the thirtysomething man is now on a mission to honor the legacy of his father who taught him everything he knows: meat and music.

Born in Haarlem, the Netherlands, van der Berg was introduced to house music by his father Jules, a second-generation butcher. Francis – or Frank, as his father called him – was coached by his dad, getting familiar with a variety pack of musical acts and butcher shop techniques. The two van der Bergs studied music relentlessly, often jockeying records in their family shop. Though lifelong fans of the music, neither the father or son ever envisioned working as DJs. According to Frank, his father had a distaste for commercialism and circus tricks – button-pushing deejays in particular.

When his father’s untimely death prompted Francis to take over the family business, it was clear to him this would include both butchery and music. To honor his father’s legacy, Francis decided to take the leap he had secretly been envisioning for some time and started producing his own music. Reminiscing over good times with his father, he combined his inherited nickname and his father’s favorite cut of meat, giving birth to Frank Sirloin.

While the butcher shop is still in business, it’s now run by the late Jules’ brother, as Frank focuses fully on his artistry. He currently splits his time between Haarlem and Helsinki, plotting his next moves. Next on his plate? A nice serving of cold cuts directly from the butcher himself. Order’s up.



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