The bossman

JYT is a Helsinki-based producer, songwriter and DJ.

Having started at an early age, he first fell in love with trance music, until he heard “In Love and Death” by The Used and picked up a guitar. From there, his musical interests only expanded, finding a home in rap and pop. Today, the producer lists Trentemøller, Max Martin and Hank Solo as some of his biggest influences, while considering Panic! At The Disco and Fleetwood Mac as his favorite bands.

The influences are there in his music: massive electronic soundscapes combine with rap beats, while his lyrics distinctly come from glimmering pop and more personal and even emotional alternative rock. The more organic sounds are inserted via his siblings’ work in classical music. Such a varied pack of flavors means he effortlessly moves between genres and makes them his own: regardless of style, it’s always distinctively JYT.

The 29 year old producer now works with a multitude of artists, writing and producing songs with the likes of MAFFI, Hans Väkevä and Noora. Apart from his self-titled solo project, some of his more known work appears in the form of more producer-led projects: THRILLV (with Chip Merlot), WHYNOT (with DJ Moneygrip) and Kølme (with Sano and Chip Merlot). Formerly known as Julius Ylitalo, the producer has also dabbled in edm and released tracks on labels like Big Mama’s House Records.






Julius Ylitalo