The Kingpin

No room for no fools in the Chevy

Scotch & co head honcho and overall boss extraordinaire MAFFI is a man of many talents. With an eventful career and multiple classic releases to his name, the man has gone through approximately 9 genres, 6 instruments and 10 years just to get back to what music is all about: having fun.

After releasing his debut album The Tide, MAFFI took a break from music and only sporadically released music or made appearances in the following years. The rapper appeared on JYT’s hit single “Vodka” and dropped the one-off single “Top Floor”, again with JYT. He eventually returned to the studio full time and began work on his second album “Titan”, which was finally released in 2019. The album was at the time described by the artist himself as “the rap record I was always destined to make” and spawned classics such as “Champagne Chevy”, “All Natural” and “Fresh Off The Jet”.

MAFFI currently focuses on other ventures and continues to work at Contraband/Scotch & co.