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Hans Väkevä: Lowkey

Legendary rapper Hans Väkevä is back with his sophomore album “Lowkey”.

“Lowkey” urges the listener to talk, while dealing with potent feelings and losses. The album is a public diary containing astute observations of the things around the artist as well as his personal experiences following his debut album. The album was preceded by lead single “Vaakalauta”.

All eight songs were constructed to pay respect to rap as an art form, from production to lyrical themes. Although the production and sound design is a tad more electronic than its predecessor, organic elements are also included, from saxophone to guitars and bass.

The album was produced over a period of two years in a very DIY spirit, with Väkevä’s own team – including JYT and MAFFI from Scotch & co – handling production duties. The release is distributed together by Chef De Kusine Ent and Scotch & co while marketing and communications were designed by Contraband.

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    Chef De Kusine

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    Contraband/Scotch & co