Cheap Thrills

Cheap Thrills


Producer: THRILLV
Release: 25.9.2020
Label: Contraband

On paper it doesn’t make sense for a project like THRILLV to exist in 2020. Hailing from Helsinki, Finland – the least expected home for international festival anthems – THRILLV (pronounced “thrilla”) has evolved from humble beginnings to more ambitious artistic expression, whatever that means. Originally a side-project toying with everything you hate to love about EDM, the group now combines cheap thrills and expensive tastes to home in on their more mature signature sound. THRILLV’s productions effortlessly showcase the qualities of an ensemble cast, while keeping the focus on good times. As a wise man once noted, it’s great music to get stupid to. Welcome to THRILLVND.

Cheap Thrills is out now.


  1. Cash Only
  2. Cruise Control
  3. Ratchets
  4. SW€G (Treat Me Right)
  5. Alone
  6. Pompo
  7. B.D.E.
  8. Hey Boy
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