JYT: Glitter & Gold

Glitter & Gold

by JYT


Producer: JYT
Release: 4.12.2020

JYT continues the roll-out of Moments with new single Glitter & Gold.

Set in the same moody universe as Get Naked and Thank Your Mother For Raising You Well, the producer-songwriter’s new single paints another picture of a moment. Combining heavy trap beats and extreme sound design with emotional and surprisingly honest lyrics, Glitter & Gold is an emotional rollercoaster unlike no other.

The roll-out of Moments continues all the way to 2021, culminating in the release of the whole project which is constantly evolving and being produced.

“Working this way – you know, expanding the tracklist all the time – has been an interesting journey. I remember where it started, but I don’t yet know where it ends”, the producer says.

According to JYT, the project is still in the works.

“Songs come and go. We’re still capturing all these moments and putting it all together. I want the album to be the perfect playlist with a range of emotions. So yeah, we’re still working on it.”

Glitter & Gold is out now.

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