Glitter & Gold

Glitter & Gold

by JYT

Producer: JYT
Release: 4.12.2020

JYT returns with new single Glitter & Gold.

Set in the same moody universe as Get Naked and Thank Your Mother For Raising You Well, the producer-songwriter’s new single paints another picture of a moment. Combining heavy trap beats and extreme sound design with emotional and surprisingly honest lyrics, Glitter & Gold is an emotional rollercoaster unlike no other.

JYT has been creating new music with a loose concept in mind, while not building an actual album. Songs are released individually when the timing feels right, all the way to 2021.

“Working this way – you know, expanding the metaphorical tracklist all the time – has been an interesting journey. I remember where it started, but I don’t yet know where it ends”, the producer says.

Glitter & Gold is out now.

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