The collection
JYT: Moments


by JYT

Producer: JYT
Release: continuous

Moments is a collection of memories and snapshots. It’s an ever-evolving project, continuously expanding.

Moments is the second part of JYT’s ever-evolving portfolio and a direct sequel to 2017’s Forever. It’s a bouquet of hazy memories, small and big moments and way too many feels.

The project started in 2019 with Get Naked and was quickly followed by Thank Your Mother For Raising You Well. Originally planned as an album consisting of 10 songs, it eventually morphed into a collection of songs that’s continuously expanding and evolving. Songs have been added and removed, and a strict tracklist no longer exists.

“Working this way – you know, expanding the tracklist all the time – has been an interesting journey. I remember where it started, but I don’t yet know where it ends”, the producer says.

According to JYT, the project is still in the works.

“Songs come and go. We’re still capturing all these moments and putting it all together. I want the album to be the perfect playlist with a range of emotions. So yeah, we’re still working on it.”

The songs

Cry Baby

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Glitter & Gold

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Thank Your Mother For Raising You Well

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Get Naked

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The story

When his debut album Forever came out in 2017, JYT described the release more as a portfolio. Although he was covering new ground by jumping on vocal duties himself, he mentioned he was not interested in being a solo act, singer or anything, really: his goal was to show what he can do. Moments now continues on the same path.

A bouquet of songs, Moments is the natural progression of JYT’s sound. Fusing together everything he does in other projects and vice-versa, the album is an obvious part deux to his debut album. Per his vision, the songs were kept as simple and raw as possible – vary of overproduction, many of them were finished in a single session to capture the pure energy and vision in their most primal and brutal fashion.

Moments is not a traditional album in the sense that it doesn’t have a set tracklist or release date. Songs are constantly being written, released as they come. The project started with Get Naked and goes on for as long as it needs to, according to JYT.

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