The Luminary One


Enigmatic is perhaps the best word to describe Sano. The mysterious producer rarely releases solo material, but when he does, he delivers. His formula includes cinematic soundscapes, intricate rhythms, and comforting melodies. The warm, calming, and soothing compositions evoke a sense of deja vu, as the songs somehow reference times both old and new. Bravery is another word that comes to mind, seeing how the producer fearlessly combines the vibes and moods most important to him, regardless of genre or style. The end result? A dream-like short film, not so different from a lullaby.

In addition to his work as a solo artist, Sano is an accomplished producer and remixer who often lends his ear to collaborators. Though currently on hiatus, the secretive musician is always plotting his next short story behind the boards.






Rhyme x Chip Merlot