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“Cheap Thrills” is coming on September 25th.

THRILLV, our resident get-stupid edm group, confirms release date for their debut album Cheap Thrills. Slated for release on September 25th, the album packs 8 songs spanning almost as many styles and genres. Cheap Thrills is an exercise in loudness, brashness and fun, focusing on good times and great music.

While on hiatus, THRILLV went through lineup changes and took some time to plot their next moves. They’ve already started work on their follow-up to Cheap Thrills and are currently preparing their sophomore release. Whether it’s going to be an album or a bouquet of single releases is not yet known, but the group assures they’re hard at work.

“We’re working on new material everyday, which wasn’t the case for a long time. Some people went and new people came in. When we sat down to discuss what we wanted to do with this project, we realized these songs we were left with kind of no longer represented the sound we’re going for now. Compared to what we’re doing now, the tracks on this album are really brash and edm-y, so it made sense to call the album Cheap Thrills and just to get it over with.”

That’s not to say the songs here are second hand stuff – quite the contrary.

“If you look at it, it’s basically the culmination of how we came up. We started with a different lineup, doing music for party videos and whatnot. This is the epitome of that: party music for party people. We are really proud of these songs, but at the same time it marks the end of one era and the start of another. Although we love this record, we are really excited for the new direction we are taking, going for more subtlety.”

Read more about Cheap Thrills here. The album is out on September 25th on Contraband.

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