Looney Tunes

Big beats, looney tunes & vodka.

The indisputable kings of big beats, looney tunes & restless rhythms, JYT & DJ Moneygrip joined forces to create WHYNOT. Since 2016, the two have played virtually every respectable hotspot in downtown Helsinki, being mainstays at Pastor, Grotesk, Why Join The Navy When You Can Be A Pirate and Roster.

The duo is known for their extensive knowledge of music and being willing to play anything, regardless of genre, so long it has big beats. DJ Moneygrip’s long history in rap and hiphop pays homage to the old classics, while JYT’s modern take on the case brings in more trappy vibes. Common ground can be found on future bass, rnb and classic house music. Put that together, throw in some Slim Thug and you have a WHYNOT show.

WHYNOT is currently on hiatus.